Comic Ricky Gervais cracked up “Late Evening” host Seth Meyers and himself Thursday in a riff on full-body transplants. (Watch the video under.)

Gervais contemplated a future when his head might be preserved and positioned on the physique of his selection.

“Statistically, I’ll get an even bigger penis,” he mentioned. “It received’t be mine.”

Meyers requested him how lengthy it will take to get accustomed to a distinct penis.

“I wouldn’t be snug, though it wouldn’t be my hand both,” Gervais replied. “So I simply shut my eyes. I simply go along with the sensation.”

He and Meyers shared just a few hearty laughs through the alternate.

“If that’s the final hurdle for science, I hope they watch this,” the host mentioned.

Quick-forward to five:00 for the transplant discuss: